Can my electric bill go down to zero?
Yes we can customize a system that will zero out your bill. You will still pay a connection fee to HECO that ranges from $14 to $20 a month. This fee allows you to be tied to HECO’s grid. Most clients want to zero out their bill and others just want to offset the bill. For example, a customer who has a $200 bill might want to offset their bill $100 so they may install 10 panels. (Savings depends on what sun zone you’re in and how efficient your panels may be.)
What is Grid Saturation?
Grid Saturation is a measurement/ study that is done by HECO in which they study/ determine the amount of electrical load created by alternative energy that goes back to grid. This can be reviewed by the Location Value Map that HECO present on the website. The map will show what areas are tied up and which areas are ok to install. The area that usually approved quickly are 25%-75% grid saturated this also means that they do not need any study or upgrades. The grid saturated areas that are 75%-100% means that the grid maybe full and that you may be charged an upgrade fee to interconnect.