Ron Romero founded HI POWER Solar on April 6, 2010. Ron has worked in Hawaii’s solar industry for over 37 years. While working with other solar companies, Ron realized that once a “job” was complete, the customer was soon forgotten and was no longer seen as a priority in ongoing system maintenance and relationship. Understanding that Hawai’i is a unique and family-oriented state and culture, Ron took it upon himself to care for each of his customers as if they were a part of his own family. Hence was the birth of HI POWER Solar. The company was built and continues to grow by word of mouth through countless of satisfied HI POWER Solar customers.

Five years later realizing that HECO was, and is a monopoly, Ron created a team of experts that would take us into the future. Ron has always focused on providing renewable energy with the highest quality of products for a fair price. These products include Air Conditioning, Solar Hot Water, Photovoltaic and now Batteries. Ron researched for over 5 years to put the right battery system on his home, installed in 2016, to ensure that the product would work the way you would want it too.

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